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FREE INTRODUCTORY OFFER - NORMALLY $160.00. The Active Communication Education (ACE) Program was developed to help adults with hearing loss to become more effective communicators and to provide them with strategies to cope better in everyday life. It is a rehabilitation option for adults with hearing loss who do not want to wear hearing aids or who want more than hearing aids can provide. ACE was developed from the program of research conducted in the Communication Disability Centre at The University of Queensland, Australia. This program is offered in person within the City of Monash Victoria across five 2-hour weekly sessions weeks in October/November.

    1. Welcome to Soundfair Australia

    2. How to use this learning platform

    3. Who is Soundfair?

    4. A little bit about you....

    1. Week 1 - Conversation in Background Noise

    1. Week 2 - Conversation Around the Home

    1. Week 3 - Communication with Difficult Speakers

    1. Week 4 - Listening to other Signals

    1. Week 5 - Listening to Public Address Systems

About this program

  • Free
  • Introductory Offer - FREE for this first series ONLY so get in quick. This is 5 week, in person course in the City of Monash
  • For people with a hearing condition and their significant other
  • Places limited to 10 people on a first come first served basis

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